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In The Shadows is a puzzle platformer in a world of shadows formed by the memories of a girl named Bella. The game takes you on a reminiscent journey of Bella who had left her family years ago and now finds herself struggling to respond to her father’s unexpected text message. As she relives her past in the shadows, you get to witness a mix of emotions that she has about her past, while solving platforming puzzles on the walls of the house. The game is currently in development and is planned to launch in Q2 2020.


In The Shadows started as a very ambitious idea that took quite a lot of research to get converted into a playable prototype. Since there is no other game that has a similar gameplay, it was extremely challenging to design a game out of this super unique core mechanic without any reference. After numerous iterations on the game design, a 'just good enough' prototype was submitted to the India GDC 2018. Surprisingly, the game was not only shortlisted but eventually went all the way to win The Best Upcoming Game of the Year 2018! That was the first time we realized the brilliance of the concept as a mere prototype beat so many polished games in the event. After that, the game has gone through a lot of extreme changes, both aesthetic and functional, to get to where it is now.


  • Interact with real world objects to use their shadows to solve tricky puzzles on the walls.
  • Play with the shape, size and angle of the shadows to find multiple solutions to a level.
  • A subtle and emotional narrative that makes you go through the mental struggles of Bella, a girl who is trying to get back to her family years after leaving her house in her teenage.
  • A House full of Shadows : Explore each room with its own set of puzzles and a story that belongs to that room. .
  • Feel the emotion in the life-defining moments of Bella's past with a melodious and emotional piano music throughout the game.


In The Shadows Trailer YouTube

Gameplay YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Most Innovative Game" Indie Prize, GameDaily Connect Asia 2019
  • "Tokyo Game Show 2019 Showcase." TGS 2019
  • "Best Puzzle Game " Tencent GWB Awards 2019
  • "Nomination for IMGA 2019." International Mobile Gaming Awards, San Fransicso 2019
  • "Best Upcoming Game " IGDC 2018

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    - Joel Couture, GameDaily.Biz
  • "Winners Tencent GWB game awards"
    - Edward Castor, Playing Indies
  • "Indie Studio's upcoming game will take you on a ride 'In The Shadows'."
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In The Shadows Credits

Nakul Verma
Business, Development & Design; Playbae

Rajat Verma
3D Art, Wala Interactive

Sidharth & Anirudh
2D Art, Diseased Games

Sidhharth Chari
3D Artist, Freelancer

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